Serving Central MN For Over 100 Years... We Never Forget We’re Working for You

Sytek, Your Full-Service Telephone, Internet & Marketing Agency, Backed by the Upsala Telephone Company.


We are positioned to serve our customers as a turnkey solution for all business and residential communication needs. From offering local residents high-speed internet, to providing professional web design services to businesses across the state, we thrive on meeting your communication needs.

Serving Central Minnesota for more than 100 years, our company was originally established to increase and diversify the services - local and long distance telephone - to our current area. But since then our business has grown, providing us with a larger service area and allowing us to expand upon the services we offer.


We still consider ourselves a local company and will always provide local service. We stand behind all that we offer, including:

Whether you’re moving to the area and are in need of internet service, or are operating a business and in need of new materials for improved marketing, Sytek can help.


A Little More About Our Marketing Department...

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to be innovative in getting their names out there and known more than ever. Whether you need a website designed, assistance with branding or a brochure created, we offer all the services you’ll need.


While some marketing firms only work with the “big-dogs”, at Sytek we know the need for great graphic design and outstanding website development is the same across the board. Whether your company is large or small, we want you to succeed and be able to have a professional image that complements your business.


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