Cleaning It Up to Speed It Up!

When your computer seems like it's running in quick-sand it may definitely be time for a clean-up; but where do you start? What clean-up programs should you run? Which files can be removed? Could it be a hardware issue? Does it have a virus?


These are all legimate questions and at Sytek we can provide the answers. Our Compuer Technicians have years of experience cleaning up the software portions of all-types of computers as well as installing hardware upgrades when needed. When pop-ups become too much, when response times are far too slow, when applications refuse to open, or when "blue screens of death" become the norm - turn to Sytek.


Advanced Diagnostic & Repair Services - $65.00

Our technicians can provide the following*:

  • Find / Correct the Cause of Crashes, Lockups, Unusual Slowness, & Internet Connectivity Problems
  • Run Scan Disk & Defragment Procedures
  • Repair Operating System Issues & Software Conflicts
  • Install Critical Operating System & Application Updates
  • Correct Potential Hardware Conflicts / Failures if Needed (additional fees may apply)
  • Remove Viruses, Worms, & Spyware
  • Perform Physical Clean-Ups (Blow / Dust-Out Hardware)

*We repair all Desktop Computers (no Apple / Mac)

*No Hardware Repair on Laptops


Hardware Installation - $25.00 plus Parts

A Sytek Technician will:

  • Install Modem, Network Card, CD ROM & Other Hardware
  • Perform Updates