Branding Your Business

Deciding on a logo can be a difficult task. Your logo is the face and identity of your business. It's the one piece of artwork that will be found on everything related to your company. Almost as difficult as selecting a logo, is choosing the graphic design company to create it for you.


At Sytek we have created numerous logos for a wide variety of companies, providing each of them with a unique identity. Every logo created by our graphic / logo designers is custom; we do not use templates. Taking into consideration the image you want your business to portray (i.e. fun, serious, industrial, lavish, etc.) and any colors or design elements you want included, we will come up with a variety of logos for you to choose from.


Sytek offers exceptional Logo Design services because:

  • We Design All Custom Graphics
  • We Provide Numerous Variations / Designs
  • We Retain Professionally Trained Graphic Designers who are Skilled in the Fundamental Elements of Design and Font / Typography Selection
  • We Provide Various File Formats of the Final Design (ai, eps, pdf, jpg, tiff, etc.)


Below is a Glimpse of Sytek's Logo Design Portfolio (more examples available).