Dial-Up Internet

Minimal Web Usage... Dial-Up Internet May Be The Right Solution.

With Sytek Dial Up you get:

  • Unlimited Internet Access (in most cases)
    Connect 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Email Account(s)
    Addresses ending with @sytekcom.com allowing you to send and receive all types of files including photos, PDFs, videos, and sound clips.*
  • Access to Everything on the World Wide Web
    Research, surf, shop, read, play… enjoy the internet using the web browser of your choice (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
  • Internet Tech Support
    Local support and troubleshooting assistance via phone or email.

Unlimited Dial-Up Plans

$15.95 / Month $19.95 / Month
Email Accounts 1 3
Sotrage 5 MB 10 MB
Activation Fee No No
Contract No No
Email Virus Protection -- Free
Spam Blocker -- Free

Optional Features

  • $1 / Month / Additional Email Address
  • $1 / Month / Additional MB of Storage

Customers speed experiences will vary, especially when accessing the internet wirelessly from various devices. Download speeds are via a wired connection and are up to 1 gig per second via a wired connection. Due to overhead capacity reserved to deliver the data, speeds may be less than 1 gig. Internet speeds through a wired or wireless connection are not guaranteed due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, size of customer home, differences in home construction or, age of devices and equipment.

Since 1993, Sytek has been providing unlimited local dial-up internet service. And with our expanded service area, chances are we can provide dial-up for you. We have over 30,000 local Dial-Up numbers throughout the nation, allowing your Dial-Up service to be unaffected even during travel.

If you are only checking e-mails two or three times a week, Sytek Dial-Up is the way to go. Contact us to check if service is available in your area.

*Due to the connective nature of Dial Up internet it may be difficult to receive emails with large attachments. Sytek’s Web Mail System has a 10mb max for sending and receiving.