Putting Your Business in the Palm of Their Hand, Anywhere & Everywhere... Mobile Website Design

It's becoming increasingly obvious that mobile devices are taking over… long gone are the days of sitting at a computer or rummaging through the phone book to search for information, a service, or a product. Today's users are tech savvy and are pulling out their cell phones or tablets more and more to check email, shop, look for an emergency plumber, and to find businesses just like yours. In fact, according to a survey conducted by 11Mark, 75% of Americans admit to using their mobile phones while in the bathroom. Pair that with the fact that app analytics firm, Flurry, found that on average Americans spend 158 minutes each and every day on their smartphones and tablets; and that statistic is back from 2013!


So what happens if your website isn’t exactly mobile-friendly? And what in the world do we mean by mobile-friendly? Well, mobile-friendly is when a website is specifically designed to display and function for the purpose of viewing on a mobile device – in most cases a mobile smart phone. The navigation, or button system, is designed to be slightly larger, accommodating for easy finger pushing. On most mobile sites, the navigation also hides itself, taking up less space when it’s not needed. Along with that, the text and overall layout of the site is designed in a vertical manner, eliminating the need for left and right repositioning and allowing for an easy vertical scroll. Overall, a mobile website is designed to load quickly, provide concise information, and to effectively fit a mobile screen.


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Now don’t get us wrong, if you’re current website isn’t “mobile-friendly” it will still display on a mobile phone. However, it will require constant zooming in and out as well as repositioning left and right in order for the viewer to be able to read and navigate the site. This often leads to user frustration, in turn causing them to leave the website.


If your company is currently operating with an awesome desktop site but looking to also get a piece of the mobile pie, then there are a few options available to you. At Sytek we provide both mobile web design and fully responsive web design. While responsive web design covers all your basis with one website, it’s not always the perfect solution for all businesses.


So again, if you’re already operating with an awesome desktop site that you spent lots of money on and still thoroughly love, then why start from scratch! At Sytek we can develop a standalone mobile website – what we call a mobile separate site - that will mimic the look and feel of your existing site while offering all of the functionality mobile users desire. Our copywriters will strip-down the text making it concise and informative, while our developers will create mobile specific images that will reduce load time and increase functionality.


Once the new mobile website is complete, our team at Sytek will connect the two sites together. This interconnection will automatically detect and display the most suitable website based on the device being used. With mobile separate website design you can keep your existing desktop site while still being easily found in the palms of mobile users. Contact us at Sytek today to become a part of the mobile majority.

Below is a glimpse of our mobile website portfolio with their desktop counterparts.