The Web is Going Responsive... Let Us Take Your Website There Too!

In today's web-based world it's a must to keep up with what the major search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.) are doing. And most recently, the leader of the pack, Google, is pushing for responsive web design. In fact, if your website is mobile-friendly, whether by having a mobile separate site or a single responsive site, you will probably rank a little higher than your competitors who haven't yet gotten on the mobile train.


At Sytek we are capable of providing a variety of mobile-friendly services. We can assist with the following:


  • Determining if your site is or is not mobile-friendly
  • Designing a separate mobile website based off your existing desktop site
  • Developing and launching one responsive website that will work across all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone)


Whether it's more logical for your business to have a mobile separate website that works in coordination with your existing site, or just a single responsive website, at Sytek we can make it happen. So let's dive a little deeper into the world of responsive website design, which is after all Google's preference.


A Little More About Responsive Web Design

With the advent of cell phones, tablets, and laptops came the concept of responsive web design, which is a design and coding approach suggesting that a single website should respond its end-users' behavior and device based on screen size, operating platform, and orientation. This design technique consists of flexible / liquid grids, images and intelligent CSS media queries. All of this boils down to a single website that will automatically adjust its layout and sizing requirements as the user switches from their laptop to tablet to cell phone.


Responsive website design helps to eliminate the need for a separate website tailored for each new gadget on the market. View any of the below website examples on your computer and then again on a cell phone, you will see how the site automatically displays to your devices layout. Another way to test a site's responsiveness is to view it on a desktop or laptop computer and then shrink and large the browser window… the responsive magic will happen right before your eyes.

Take a Glimpse at Sytek's Growing Responsive Web Design Portfolio: