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"Unclaimed Capital Credits"

Upsala Cooperative Telephone Association dba Sytek

Communications requests that former members keep us up

to date with their current address. If we attempt to send you a

capital  credit check and it is returned due to an outdated address,  we follow the state laws for unclaimed property. We will publish the  list on the Facebook All Roads Lead to Upsala page, the Morrison County  Record and on our website in an attempt to find the rightful owner of the money. We will continue to publish and carry unclaimed capital credits amounts on our books for up to seven years. If we still have not located you, the law requires us to turn the money over to the state or donate it to a charitable organization. Sytek’s current policy is to donate unclaimed capital credits to the Upsala Community Center.

For the first time in our history we have started to pay out capital credits and started with the years 1960-1980. If you know someone on the list, please have that individual or their heirs contact Sytek at or call 320.573.1390

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