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Making it Easy to Connect to the World Wide Web

Whether for business or pleasure, our reliable internet connections allow you to partake in all of the activities that the web has to offer - email, surfing, online shopping, video streaming, gaming, and much more. For over two decades Sytek has been offering internet service and we continue to upgrade our system / infrastructure to provide you with the latest technology possible.


Internet Options Include:

If you are moving to the area and need reliable internet service, contact Sytek!

Speed experience will vary.

​Customers speed experiences will vary, especially when accessing the internet wirelessly from various devices. Download speeds are via a wired connection and are up to 1 gig per second via a wired connection. Due to overhead capacity reserved to deliver the data, speeds may be less than 1 gig. Internet speeds through a wired or wireless connection are not guaranteed due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, size of customer home, differences in home construction or, age of devices and equipment.

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